Sunday, January 10, 2016

Top 10 Life Insurance Companies

Life Insurance Companies
Life Insurance companies promise to pay out a lump sum benefit upon the death of the insured. Although actuarial science has created mortality tables to accurately estimate the future liability of policies to be paid, having financial strength ensures that these companies can meet all of their obligations while still earning a profit.
Life Insurance companies in the U.S. can be ranked by direct premium written (the amount of new policies written directly and not re-insured). For 2013:
CompanyTotal Direct PremiumMarket Share
MetLife (MET)$11.5 billion7.98%
Northwestern Mutual$9.4 billion6.55%
Prudential of America (PRU)$8.4 billion5.79%
New York Life$7.8 billion5.42%
Lincoln National$6.1 billion4.27%
MassMutual$5.1 billion3.52%
John Hancock$4.8 billion3.37%
Aegon (AEG)$4.1 billion2.82%
State Farm$4.0 billion2.79%
Guardian Life Insurance Co.$3.4 billion2.34%
(Source: NAIC)

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